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Welcome, I'm Eric Youle. Sometime - Engineer/Scientist now a Social Entrepreneur:

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I am Eric Youle originally from Yorkshire and now live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland via South Australia.

I guess I followed the classical industrial age career - the 40 year plan. Got an education/qualification, a secure job working in the Defence Industry, first in the UK then for the Australian Government, in South Australia. A very rewarding career, in many senses. I retired at aged 60, did some consulting work, before re-locating to Queensland.

Worked on information systems from around 1980 on, mainly using Apple and Corvus Concept computers. Worked with the embrionic internet before WWW then in retirement (1994) did free-lance development of commercial web sites in the days before most commercial interests had no appreciation of the value to them of a WWW presence.  Still pottering today, but have exited the commercial field, for the people with more resources and energy.

Now retirement brought various challenges (health, finance & purpose to name the major issues) but this introduced me to Wellness & Network Marketing. Launching me on a whole new phase to my life. If I had not had those challenges my life would be very different today and I would have missed out on many rewarding experiences.

I did have a set back in 2006 when I lost my hearing, now some years on with a Chochlear Implant and rehabilitation, I guess I can say that my hearing is functional, although difficult in noisy situations and over the phone.  Adapting my business development to my changed circumstances.


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Internet, IT, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, family history, WW2 Military radios

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